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Physical Medicine Billing | E-Billing Solutions

August 15, 2022

Physical Medicine Billing

Chiropractic/ Physical Therapy Billing

Physical Medicine such as Chiropractic and Physical Therapy require billing savvy and experience to get paid by both insurance carriers and third parties. You can rely on E Billing Solutions to help you code all of the procedures you perform and bill them with the correct modifiers so you get paid on time.  We also provide:

  • Benefit verification within one business day.
  • Request authorization within one business day of receiving patient information.
  • Coding of diagnoses (both ICD-9 and ICD-10) and procedures.
  • Insurance billing, electronically if possible.
  • Follow-up on all denials and under payments.
  •  Appeals occur within 7 days of denial.
  • Patient billing.
  • Attorney billing,
  • Lien negotiation.

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