July 22, 2024

About Us

Who is E Billing Solutions, LLC?

E Billing Solutions, LLC is a family owned medical billing and consulting firm providing service primarily to Southern California. Husband and wife team Erik and Adriana Marquis bring decades of experience in the human resources and IT industries. Their unique combination of technological “know-how” is combined with the most qualified staff of billers and coders in the market. This provides our clients with optimal cash flow and better service standards, all at a cost that truly pays for itself.  E Billing can:

  • Code and bill in most fields of medicine including orthopedics, podiatry, ophthalmology, pain management, DME, mental health, and physical medicine.
  • Proficiently use any billing software, including Medisoft, MicroMD, PracticeMate, Eclipse, EZ Claims and a dozen other programs.
  • Submit billing to all types of payors including government carriers, commercial carriers, auto carriers, work comp carriers, and attorneys.
  • Perform all types of billing including professional services, patient, facility, trauma, med-legal, personal injury, medication and experimental.
  • Provide the services you need including scheduling, authorizations, benefit verification, appeals, patient billing, lien filing, coding and more.


Our Company Mission

Our Company Mission is to assist our medical providers:

  1. Improve the cash flow and office efficiency of their practice.
    • Create electronic filing systems so we can easily retrieve needed records.
    • Utilize encrypted email to transmit sensitive patient data to speed delivery of critical documents.
    • Reduce payment turnaround times using formal appeal and collection process.
  2. Improve patient satisfaction and retention.
    • Help patients navigate their insurance policies.
    • Procure authorizations and retro-authorizations on behalf of patients.
    • Appeal coverage denials on behalf of the patient rather than hold them responsible.
  3. Continually look for new and better ways to reach these goals for our clients.

We are currently in the “wild west” stage of the digital age.
E Billing Solutions is proud to be among the pioneers.