April 22, 2024

Workers Compensation (State of California)


Our thorough knowledge of Federal and State Laws, the Labor Code, and the CCR enable us to help our clients through the complete cycle of evaluating and/or treating an injured worker.

  • Authorizations: Our knowledge of SB863 as well as UR and IMR policies allows smooth passage through the authorization process. Preparation, submission and follow up of all authorization paperwork significantly reduces the paperwork normally required by a provider. Authorization requests are submitted within one business day of receiving patient information.
  • Appeals: Our knowledge of Independent Bill Review (IBR) process, OMFS, and Labor Code facilitates expedient resolution to denied and underpaid claims. Appeals occur within 7 days of denial.
  • Dispute Resolution: Negotiate settlements, file liens, petitions and DORs, and provide representation at the WCAB.
  • Coding of diagnoses  and procedures.
  • Insurance billing, electronically if possible.
  • Follow-up on all denials and under payments.

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