April 22, 2024


“Over the years I’ve utilized perhaps five different billing services. You guys are the best by approximately a million miles. Thanks again.”


“Regarding E-Billing Solutions … they have reliably exceeded my expectations with respect to providing optimal billing outcomes.”

-John F.

“I used to think I couldn’t afford a billing service. Now I can’t afford NOT to have one. E-billing Solutions has made my life so much easier. I no longer have to deal with insurance companies, fight with attorneys, or resubmit claims that should have been paid the first time around. Thank you E-billing Solutions for “taking my headaches away” and freeing up my time so I can focus on more important things like treating my patients.”

-Dr. Tina Zadravecz, Owner of Dr. Z’s Chiropractic Spa

“I have been in practice for 23 years now and working with E-Billing Solutions is the best, most cost-effective decision I have made in that time . . . I trust him completely to do all of my billing and he gets the job done month after month . . . he has helped me create the perfect practice scenario as I get to focus on my patients and he gets to focus on my bottom line . . . I would recommend and have recommended Erik and his staff to anyone who has a professional practice.”

-Dr. Gary Miller

“E-Billing Solutions has made my life so much easier . . . I can’t thank Erik enough.”

-Dr. Mary Gunset

“Erik’s skill and expertise in dealing with insurance companies has been an invaluable asset to my business. I can focus on doing what I am trained to and love to do in my work, while he takes care of collecting the revenue.”

-CH, Clinical Psychologist