May 27, 2024

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Billing


With the addition of the new codes, mental health billing has become a more specialized field of billing.  Coded and billed correctly, mental health services now pay closer to their actual value.  E Billing Solutions will ensure you get paid for all of the treatment you provide. For us, it starts with benefit verification.  Mental health providers can rely on E Billing for complete and accurate benefits so they can plan an effective treatment plan within the boundaries of their insurance plan. We provide billing services for outpatient, inpatient and residential treatment:

  • Benefit verification within one business day.
  • Request authorization within one business day of receiving patient information.
  • Coding of diagnoses (both ICD-9 and ICD-10) and procedures.
  • Insurance billing, electronically if possible.
  • Patient billing.
  • Attorney billing.
  • Follow-up on all denials and under payments.
  •  Appeals occur within 7 days of denial.

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