July 22, 2024

Consulting Services


    • Contracting and Credentialing
    • Carrier Rate Renegotiation
    • Practice Business Planning
    • Revenue Enhancement
    • Transitioning to a Remote Workforce
    • HIPAA Compliance

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Contracting and Credentialing

Whether you are starting a new practice, hiring new providers, or want to increase your referrals, our contracting and credentialing services will save you from the bureaucratic nightmare that is provider enrollment. In addition to eliminating those administrative headaches, you learn which carriers pay the most, which are the easiest with which to work, and which ones to avoid altogether.


Carrier Rate Renegotiation

If you aren’t renegotiating your rates as often as your carrier contract allows, you are leaving money on the table. This is one of the most cost effective means of increasing your revenue.


Practice Business Planning

We have assisted dozens of practices launch or take the next step in their growth:

  • Develop a complete operational business plan
  • Assess and re-work current collection protocols to increase efficiency
  • Develop hiring strategies and write detailed employee job descriptions to make hiring and training easier.

Revenue Enhancement

Many practices have a loyal patient base but still can’t seem to generate enough revenue. We look at every aspect of your practice:

  • Scheduling – Are your scheduling practices effective? Do you have a lot of no shows?
  • Coding – Are you billing all of the services you are performing?  Are you documenting complexity and decision-making properly? Are you using the correct codes and modifiers?
  • Insurance Billing – Should you be in-network or out-of-network? How often should you submit claims? Have you renegotiated your rates?
  • Patient Billing – Do you want more cash patients?  Fewer cash patients? When do you send patients to collections? Is your staff trained on collecting from patients at the time of service?
  • Claim Follow-up – Do you have a protocol for dealing with denials? Or are they left unattended? What about underpayments?
  • Accounts Receivables – Is your protocol effective? Or are too many claims falling through the cracks?
  • Supplemental Revenue Streams – Are there other ways to add revenue?
  • Referral Programs and other Marketing Strategies – Do you need low-cost strategies for increasing your patient base?

Transitioning to a Remote Workforce

Are you considering making your billing staff remote so you can use the office space to add more exam rooms? Or perhaps you want to downsize? Or share your current space?  It sounds great but you have concerns about whether your billing staff will be just as effective when they are working from home. How will you maintain the current level of patient service? And how will the phone system, server and other technology be integrated? Should they be regular employees or contracted? We help you with all of these questions.


HIPAA Compliance

Is your practice turning from traditional record keeping to EMR? Are you communicating regularly to patients, colleagues, attorneys or staff using email? Would you like to submit reports to third parties via email?

Email and digital storage of data is commonplace in healthcare. However, using it without certain safeguards puts you at risk for HIPAA violations and the accompanying fines. We can make sure you have the proper safeguards in place:

  • Desktop-based Email Encryption – These solutions are almost as seamless as your regular email and are perfect for intraoffice or interoffice communication.
  • Web-based Email Encryption – These solutions are ideal for communicating with patients, attorneys, utilization review, adjusters, and other doctors.
  • Email Tracking Services – These services effectively replace proof of delivery shipping methods at a fraction of the cost.
  • Server Security – If you are storing your patient information in digital format, security and offsite data backup are critical.