July 22, 2024

Adding Telecommuting Capabilities to Your Business

Adding Telecommuting Capabilities to Your Business

Whether you want create a more flexible work schedule for your employees or abandon brick and mortar altogether, we can help.

There are many benefits to utilizing a virtual office over a traditional office:

  • Reduced fixed costs:  By utilizing teleworkers you reduce the need for office space, furniture and equipment. In some cases, you may be able to designate your employees as independent contractors. Your workers compensation and liability insurance may also get reduced.
  • Talent Pool:  Telework positions are highly desirable from an employee’s perspective. The recruiting advantage it gives you over your competition is difficult to quantify but here is one example of its value: at E Billing Solutions, we have over 20,000 applications on file from qualified medical billers. Additionally, you are not constricted geographically. Work-from-positions allow you to search nationally, even globally, for the right candidates.
  • Employee Retention: Employees are much happier with their work/life balance when they are allowed to telework.  Our turnover rate is less than 5% while the national turnover rate is 15%. This reduces hiring and training costs, while providing our clients with enduring relationships and service consistency.
  •  Increased productivity:  Do you want your employees to be evaluated on their results or on their attendance?  Teleworking actually improves  productivity. Change your corporate culture to align  with your company’s long term goals.

Once you have decided to embrace the virtual office, we can help you put it all together.  We will provide:

Telecommuting Plan

  • A complete evaluation of your current positions to determine which are suited to become telework positions.
  • A complete evaluation of your current and prospective employees to determine their suitability for telework positions.  Our Telework Evaluation Tool will predict which employees will succeed while working from home.
  • Recommendations for salary structures to ensure continued productivity.
  • Comprehensive tele-training workshops to help your teleworkers succeed.
  • Tools for management to evaluate and oversee their staff.

Complete Plan Implementation

You can use our team of professionals or we can work in conjunction with your HR and IT departments.  We will coordinate the entire implementation including:

  • Technology: Software installation, VPNs, phone systems, email, workflow software, and video conferencing capabilities.
  • Equipment: Computers, printers, office furniture, and phones.
  • Security: Protect your trade secrets, personal health information, or financial transaction information from hackers and malware. We can also assist with offsite backup.
  • Training –  We provide employee training on any of the new equipment or technology.

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