July 22, 2024

Consulting Services – Maximizing Your Practice’s Revenue

Maximizing Your Practice’s Revenue

Many practices have a loyal patient base but still can’t seem to generate enough revenue. We look at every aspect of your practice: 

  • Scheduling – Are your scheduling practices effective?
  • Coding – Are you billing all of the services you are performing?  Are you using the correct codes?
  • Insurance Billing – Should you be in-network or out-of-network? How often should you submit claims?
  • Patient Billing – Do you want more cash patients?  Fewer cash patients? When do you send patients to collections? Is your staff trained on collecting from patients at the time of service?
  • Claim Follow-up – Do you have a protocol for dealing with denials? Or are they left unattended?
  • Supplemental Revenue Streams – Are there other ways to add revenue?
  • Referral Programs and other Marketing Strategies – Do you need low-cost strategies for increasing your patient base?

Many of these services we provide free of charge when you become a billing client with E Billing Solutions.

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